What provision is there for managing the rainwater off the conservatory?

Conservatories come with gutters that help manage the rainwater off the conservatory. The gutters hold the rainwater and the amount of water they hold is governed by the number and position of outlets or downpipes that are fitted for the purpose. The outlets and downpipes should be such that the amount of water held is not excess as it will add to the weight on the gutter brackets potentially causing them to snap. Especially during the colder temperatures, the prospect of freezing adds to gutter brackets snapping more often.
The best solution to avoid Conservatory Gutters from holding too much water is adding additional outlets.  
You have 2 options:
·         Fitting a Running Outlet (fitted between two straight lengths of the gutter) 
·         Stop End Outlet (fitted at the end of a single length of the gutter) to existing guttering with a downpipe below. This is a relatively simple and inexpensive remedy.

In case you do not know the gutter manufacturer then an additional ‘spigot’ or ‘universal rainwater adapter’, like the Hunter R400 Uni-Fit, can be fitted to most conservatory guttering.  
Care should be taken as to where the water runs off when fitting extra downpipes. The water outlet to an existing drain or gulley is ideal or fitting a water butt also makes a good solution. The rainwater should not be directed towards concrete foundations as constant running water can cause erosion and future problems.
Depending on your location and the amount of rainfall experienced, you can go for the most suitable option.

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