Keep your conservatory in good condition

Always best to clean the outside of the conservatory at least once a year. If the conservatory is located under trees then a more frequent clean might be necessary

We suggest  a yearly conservatory valet exercise accompanied by on demand repairs as and when required. Subject to local circumstances you can either do much of this yourself or we can do it for you

Cleaning the roof of a conservatory should be a straight forward and safe process. Never stand on the roof of your conservatory and ensure you have the right equipment to enable you to reach the highest point, without straining yourself. An extendable handle with a soft-headed brush or sponge, alongside clean, soapy water, is the safest and most efficient way of cleaning the roof. Gently rinse off an excess soap or debris with a light sprinkling from the hose.

When cleaning don’t forget to ensure the gutters are kept free of debris such as leaves, moss and sticks etc so that water can flow away from the conservatory roof area as quickly as possible. Once cleaned flush the conservatory gutter out with water.

 Very occasionally a glazing unit may fail causing a window to become misty. In which case the glazing unit can be replaced with a new one… hence keeping your conservatory looking and performing at its best

By the way don’t use a pressure washer to clean your conservatory. Pressure washers can damage the seals of your conservatory, potentially causing leaks. Conservatories are designed to withstand rainfall, not extreme blasts of water.

All conservatory  locks and hinges should be oiled at least once a year, use WD40 or another oil based lubricant on all moving parts and mechanisms.

To ensure your conservatory lasts for many years, ensure that it is well ventilated in the summer, to avoid overheating, and keep it well heated in the winter. Avoiding problems such as condensation, damp, and mould will keep your conservatory feeling warm and cosy, smelling pleasant, and being an enjoyable area of your home for you and your family to appreciate.

Contact us at conservatory advice for your conservatory cleaning, repairs and valeting.


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