Different Styles of Conservatories

A conservatory is a room that is typically attached to the house on only one side and comes with a glass or plastic roofing and walls.
It makes a great extension for added space and can be used as almost any room or space for recreation. These can be designed as per your choice be it the choice of materials or designs. Traditionallly have been a few standard appealing designs that look beautiful.
Here are some of the Traditional Conservatory designs and their key features:-
Edwardian Conservatory
·         Takes inspiration from the Edwardian era
·         Bold rectangular shape
·         Ridged roof
·         Good floor space
·         Glass four-sided pitched roof
·         Provides good exposure to the outdoors
·         Minimum detailing
Victorian conservatory
·         Very traditional looking
·         Styles including three to five facets at the front
·         Beautifully ornate roof with detailed work like shades of gothic designs 
·         The rounded front provides a panoramic view of your garden
·         Aesthetically appealing and classic look
Georgian conservatory
·         Flatter frame at the front
·         Square or rectangular layout
·         High, sloping roof style which gives it a vaulted effect
·         Cornices and corbelling around the top of the glazed sides
·         Ornate and decorative appearance
·         Design details inspired by Greek and Roman architecture
Gable conservatory
·         Also known as Pavilion Conservatory
·         Features shades of Edwardian or Georgian conservatories
·         Square or rectangular in shape
·         Compact and dwarfed appearance
·         Provide plenty of natural light and offer an unobstructed view of your outdoors
·         Georgian inspired ones can have cornices, corbelling and more elaborate glazed panels
Lean-to conservatory
·         Also called the Mediterranean or sun-room
·         Features the simplest of the designs
·         Low-pitched roof
·         Can fit in easily into awkward spaces
·         Walls are adjoined to the house
·         Simple, compact and elegant
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