Conservatory and Orangery Cleaning

There is little point in having a lovely conservatory or orangery with good high tech glazing to offer great views of the outside if the glazing is dirty. 

There are of course many different ways to tackle the issue of cleaning conservatory / orangery glazing (be the glazing in the form of windows, lanterns or roofing). Options include doing it yourself or asking a professional to do the cleaning for you.

Whilst the inside of the conservatory or orangery glass panes can be cleaned, maybe yearly, the outside deserves to be cleaned (maybe by a window cleaner) at least 6 monthly and valeted maybe every 3 years (by a professional valeting company)

A thorough cleaning / valet by a professional conservatory / orangery cleaning company cleans to improve the views and cleans to improve the look. In essence it almost restores your conservatory / orangery back to its looking as good as new again.

Due to the nature and complexity of valeting conservatories, specialist knowledge and equipment is required.  Too many times we are called out to remedy leaks and damage caused by other conservatory cleaning companies.

As conservatories age, they become brittle and the seals become less pliable. The risk of causing damage is therefore higher than other rooms around the house.  Some cleaning companies that advertise conservatory valeting services seldom have the specialist knowledge or the right equipment to clean conservatories correctly. Inevitably they cause damage, which is costly to their revenue and their reputation.

Our conservatory valeting service comprises:-

  • Hot wash the entire outside of the conservatory to remove surface grime
  • Repeat the hot wash to eliminate traces of the solution and any remaining dirt and algae
  • Our specially formulated animal and plant-friendly solution is applied by hand to every millimetre of the conservatory
  • Complete drying of the entire conservatory
  • 2 coats of polish are applied by hand to leave your conservatory looking spick and span
  • We then repeat the above process for the interior. However, rather than using our hot water treatment, we use spray guns
As part of our valeting service, we are readily prepared with supplies to rectify anything that might go wrong including end caps, clips, sealants and screw covers. We anticipate that most people probably won’t have spares to hand!

In the event of your conservatory suffering from other issues which require minor or major repairs, or even all-out refurbishments, we can handle that for you as well.



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