Aluminium conservatory / orangery suppliers in UK

Aluminium conservatories are a stronger and sturdier alternative to the other conservatory options. Being a metal, its strength exceeds uPVC and hardwood. Aluminium is strong, lightweight and extremely durable, making it the ideal material for use in construction. Thanks to these physical properties, the chances of the frameworks warping with time are very rare unlike in case of uPVC.  It requires very little maintenance making it a very cost effective option. 
For those staying in the coastal areas, aluminium is the only material that can withstand the salty air and harsh weather conditions. Safety wise also aluminium stands at the top since it is not susceptible to burning. Aluminium is also very malleable thus giving you a better scope with designing. It can be bent the way you want making bespoke possibilities even better. 
As for the environmental impact, aluminium is again the best option as it is not only the most abundant metal on earth but is also ceaselessly recyclable. Wood although natural cannot be recycled and uPVC usually just gets tossed in the landfills. This again makes aluminium a more sustainable option.
Considering all these positives, if you are convinced about having an aluminium conservatory for your home, do get in touch with Conservatory Advice for the best option.
At Conservatory Advice we strive to give you the conservatory /orangery you really want .... and within your budget. Do get in touch with us to discuss your project.

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