Quality glass Verandas to make the most of the outdoors

New Veranda

Before the days of air conditioning verandas (or verandahs) were often used to provide a sheltered place outside the house to escape the hot interior during hot weather. Now days verandas provide wonderful protection with miminum structure so you can sit outside under a glass roof and enjoy the outside be it just the views or outside activities such as BBQs when others can't

Our bespoke high quality verandas come with glass roof that can be any shape to fit any requirement and with or without glass sides so they can be either open or enclosed. The roof can be fitted with an awning for extra protection from the sun etc 

Externally, the aluminium powder coated half round beam provides structural support and also acts as an integral gutter…. clever! The glass roof comes in various options and can also come with or without interior and exterior awnings of various types and colours. The quality of the verandas is world renowned (weinor) and the range of colours available are extensive and prices surprisingly  competitive

Planning permission is not normally required

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One of many happy customers

"I found our verandas a great alternative to the conservatory solution. It has no solid walls and there is lots of glass to provide light and yet protection, with added protection from the sun using a convenient awning. It gives us a protective pocket on our terraced area from hot or cold weather. Veranda space is controlled by using large inline sliders. (We could have chosen bi-folding doors). Equipped with the additional options of heating and light we get year-round- function. The Veranda looks stunning in the green coulr we chose frlm thier great range of coulrs. The quality is superb"



Gain more with less by installing a Veranda

Verandas are slowly becoming as popular as conservatories as more popular as people are realising the benefits of a veranda in place of a traditional conservatory. You can obtain maximum protection from the weather and enjoy the outdoors A veranda provides minimum structure and cost. Installing a veranda will not only let you enjoy your time outdoors all year round but will also become the most important part of your home.
More and more people are opting for glass verandas these days. These are the preferred options over conservatories for various reasons. The installation cost for verandas is usuallly less as compared to the conservatories and structural changes are lesser too.

The design and functional properties with verandas are endless. These are available in various different types thus can be fashioned as per different tastes and requirements. The roof alternative include choices like glass, insulated roof covering or porcelain tiles or even tinted glass verandas to keep out the heat from the sun. The floor options are plenty as well. Wood, concrete or even hardwood terracing can be used as per your taste.
Verandas are aesthetically very appealing. The glass ones look quite charming and add to the overall beauty of the house. Not only the glass ones, whatever might be the style of verandas you choose, there is no denying the fact that it adds to the beauty of a home’s exterior. And besides the looks, the verandas also add to the value of your home monetarily.
Verandas provide the perfect place for hosting your parties and barbeques. A veranda is the best place between your garden and house to have your friends and family over. Verandas also provide the much needed respite from the family chaos if and when there are too many people in the house.
So keeping the aesthetic appeal, boost the value of your property, comparatively lesser installation costs, also a wide choice of types and design options  makes the verandas an appealing addition to your home.

Enhance your verandah with an awning
An awning is another home extension option that allows you to enjoy your outdoors without bothering too much about the weather. These awnings are available in a 
range of different materials to suit the look of your home as also to suit the weather conditions like rain, sun and snow. The awning can be in wood, metal or polycarbonate options. These apart from giving a classy look to your home exterior, also protect the lifespan of your patio and outdoor furniture. Awnings can also be placed over windows or your entryways for shade. These help to keep your home cooler by reducing the direct glare of the sun. 
The wooden awnings look great with the natural appeal of wood. Wood with its natural properties also allows you to feel the warmth of the sun while at the same time blocking the harmful UV rays. Metal awnings on the other hand come with a metal frame with either a cloth or vinyl covering. This design is quite flexible and allows for easy cleaning of the shades. Awnings made of aluminium make a more viable option as these are rust-proof, durable and come in different sizes and designs. Retractable awnings prove to be convenient as with these you can have control over how much sun or shade you desire. 
With the awnings in place you can easily use your outdoors for entertainment without bothering much about the weather conditions. You are free to enjoy your outside area with friends and family with these in place to protect you from the weather. Awnings not only enhance your home exteriors but also add to the market value of your home. 
With the window awnings you can save on the energy lost of keeping your inner space cool as these reduce the direct heat of the sun. On the other hand if these are retracting awnings, these can be rolled back during winter to warm your home from the sunrays that fall into your home through the window!

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