Cleaning and Repairs in Luton

Conservatories benefit from regular care and attention. In spite of regular care professional maintenance is often necessary in order to avoid major issues.  At Conservatory Advice we cater to almost all conservatory related problems, cleaning and regular maintenance. We also provide advice regarding the potential issues that you might face with your conservatory and what can be done to avoid such issues. We offer our cleaning and valeting service periodically at pre agreed rates and undertake all major tasks of cleaning and repairs wherever required.


We undertake the following tasks for existing Conservatories / Orangeries / Verandas in the Luton Area


  • Fixing leaking roofs or gutters
  • Fixing of window frames and door frames
  • Replacement of finials
  • General maintenance and restoration requirements
  • General advice on prevention of conservatory related problems
  • Restoration or repairs of damaged woodwork or metalwork or UPVC framework


In collaboration with Fargils we offer conservatory maintenance and repair services. Customer satisfaction is our main aim and we offer quality services of the highest standards. We can offer cleaning and valeting service on a regular basis at agreed rates that ensures not only cleanliness of glass, frames and gutters, but also service to the locks and hinges and any adjustments that are needed. We offer a unique service that no ‘window cleaner’ can replicate. Our contractors work on all your major conservatory / orangery and veranda repairs from start to finish with complete dedication.


Why us?


In addition to the Luton area we offer almost national coverage. All our conservatory cleaning, conservatory repairs, conservatory maintenance and valeting products have been specifically developed by us to provide optimum results. These products are not widely available in the open market. In addition to these conservatory cleaning products, we have developed a very specific technique and procedure for conservatory cleaning which is highly coveted by our competitors and implemented via our strict training program to ensure that all our team members provide flawless service. Our services are such that no competitors can replicate our level of efficiency.

Clarning and Repairs Locations

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Cleaning and Repairs in the Birmingham Area
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Cleaning and Repairs in Brighton
Cleaning and Repairs in Bath
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Orangery / Veranda / Conservatory Repairs in the Buckingham (Bucks) area
Conservatory / Veranda and Orangery Repairs in East Midlands
Conservatory / Veranda and Orangery repairs in Cheshire
Conservatory Repairs in Cornwall
Conservatory / Veranda and Orangery Repairs in Essex
Conservatory / Veranda and Orangery Repairs in Gloucestershire
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Conservatory Cleaning / Repair in Horsham, West Sussex
Orangery / Veranda / Conservatory Repairs in the Cambridge area
Conservatory / Veranda and Orangery Repairs in Hampshire / Hants
Conservatory and Verandah repairs in the Cotswolds
Conservarory, oragnery and verandah cleaning and repairs in Derbyshire (Derby)
Conservatory / orangery / veranda (verandah) cleaning and valeting in Dorset
Conservatory / Orangery / Verandah cleaning and Repairs in Luton
Conservatory / orangery / veranda (verandah) cleaning and valeting in Kent
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