New Conservatory or Sunroom

Let us help you decide on your new conservatory or new sunroom

Help buying a conservatory

We have access to a wide range of suppliers of PVC, wooden and aluminium conservatories
Let us help you choose the right supplier to match your requirements

Things to consider include:
- Costs
- Architectural sympathy
- Space requirements
- Aluminium / Wood / uPVC
- Climate control (too hot, too cold)
- Glazing option (glass or plastic)
- Building regulations
- Planning requirements
- Health and Safety Regulations (April 2015) ... yes they apply to you!
- Building durability
- Maintenance issues
- Guarantees explained
- Standard vs bespoke
- Hidden costs
- Understanding discounts
- Will the white glare of a white conservatory in full sunlight bother you?
- How is the conservatory site surround left after building new conservatory?
- What provision is there for managing the rain water off the conservatory?

Beware!! You can waste hundreds of pounds by not getting your conservatory right first time.

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We strive to give you the conservatory you really want, but at the price you can afford without the hard sell.
The conservatory work is guaranteed and completed by local experienced trusted businesses. You get a dedicated team that treats you with respect and is sympathetic to your invidual requireents.

The installation will be trouble free for years to come, providing peace of mind and added value to your home.

If you wondered how much a conservatory would cost, but are hesitating because of who you can trust, give us a call and put us to the test. We won't pressure you, badger you, or sell you anything you don't need. We'll simply give you honest, professional advice with a price that reflects the highest quality conservatory products we have to offer.

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Sun Rooms

Like conservatories the sunroom offers a welcome light interior space. However there are big differences.

Both sunrooms and conservatories are extensions to a home though on rare occasions, a new home will be built with this additional room already in mind. Either a conservatory or a sunroom make the ideal location for relaxation all year round

However, there are notable differences between the two rooms that could cause you to change your mind when you decide to build one. A conservatory is made almost completely from glass. The walls and roof are glass which gives no protection from the sun when it is out. A sunroom on the other hand, is a more solid structure and feels like a room in the home whereas a conservatory feels every inch like an extension. Other materials besides glass can be used in the construction of a sunroom.

Conservatories can cause problems because of the extremes in temperature that you are exposed to while in there. When the sun is hot it is even hotter in the conservatory. Hence on hot days it is best to be outside or in another room.
For all year round use of a room as sunroom, with its smaller glass area is often best.

Another important difference between a sunroom and a conservatory is the issue of planning permission. A minimum of 75% of the roof and 50% of the wall area must be made with translucent material. Your conservatory also needs to have a door that leads directly to your attached house. These requirements do not apply to sunrooms but you do have to adhere to Building Regulations such as rules relating to your usage of power.

Conservatory repair, maintenance, cleaning and valeting

Contact us so we can discuss:-
- maintaining your conservatory on a regular basis or repairing it as and when required
- cleaning / valeting your conservatory on a regular basis or cleaning it as and when required

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Typical new UPVC conservatory

Use our advice to find the right conservatory or orangery to suit your particular requirements

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